Dell Precision M4600 Bios update failed bug A08 Signature Firmware

I had a problem with BIOS bug A08 on Dell M4600,
more here:…00/td-p/4385629

I have not found any solution to this problem. The bios was blocked, it does not allow any version to be updated.

I bought a CH341A programmer. I made a backup of the currently blocked bios A08 on my working computer.
(attached BIOS_A08_blocked_ME_OK.bin and EC_A08_blocked_ME_OK.bin

I found it on the net bios bin W25Q16_EC.BIN and W25Q64_U53.BIN (attached (…a00-t45285.html)

I programmed the chip (MX25L1606E and MX25L6406E) downloaded images and everything is ok, except:

During system start the system reports a message: "ME is in recovery state"

I tried to clear the ME region - without success.

ME Analyzer reports an error: Error: Detected incomplete firmware size 0x800000, expected 0xA00000! Warning: Firmware size exceeds Engine region, possible data loss!

In UEFITool I can not find ME Region

In Flash Programming Tool reports Error 26: The host CPU does not have read access to the target flash area. To enable read access for this operation you must modify the descriptor settings to give host access to this region.

MEInfo show in CurrentState: Recovery and many errors (attached)

please help repair files W25Q16_EC.BIN and W25Q64_U53.BIN in attached

and sorry for my poor english :slight_smile:




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