Dell Precision T3610 - Apparent bricked BIOS after some adjustments

I have this Dell T3610 desktop (9M8Y8 A01 motherboard), for which after restoring an Acronis image (created from this same computer months ago) did no boot to Windows 10 (UEFI non-secure boot). After that, I was about to proceed to delete the old boot option from the BIOS setup (GUI-based), as I usally did many other times after restoring the image, however, after hitting F12, and just before entering the regular an usual GUI-based BIOS setup I noticed some other entry in the boot option menu (cannot recall the exact name of it), which took me to a text-based old-style CMOS setup. I entered the boot options setup and deleted the boot entries that I did not need. After rebooting, there was no video, no beeps, and only the diagnostic leds 1-2-3 were lit.

Following, I shut down the PC and tried both methods to reset the BIOS, using the built-in RTCRST jumper and removing the battery. Several times, no luck.

After that I’ve read that this might be some UEFI-related issue, but I cannot tell, as I’m very unfamiliar with these subjects. Also, I read that most likely I’m gonna need to re-flash the 2 chips (Winbond W25Q64CVF SOIC 16 and W25Q32FVS SOIC 8), the problem is that I don’t know where exactly to begin.

These are the points that I know so far that will help me solve this issue:
A. I need to get ahold of an apropiate BIOS dump. I found a Vinafix T3610 BIOS Dump, but is it trustworthy? I don’t know.
B. I might need to dump my own deskptop’s BIOS, which leads to the following questions:

1. Is the CH341A programmer and clamps enough to perform the dump and re-flash or is there any other method?
2. After dumping my BIOS or getting the Vinafix one, do I need to edit something in the dumped files?

Apart that I have some skills with electronics and computers, I’m totally lost with these topics so any help or directions to tutorials will be appreciated.
I read a request from @dtchmn which is similar to mine, but he has no replies, that’s why I’m probably duplicating the post and hoping that I have a better luck; sorry about that.