Dell Precision T7610 Boot Problem


Starting last week I purchased a used Dell Precision T7610 and it worked out of the box. I proceeded to perform updates via Dell Command, with one of them being a BIOS update from A8 to A16. This update appears to complete without any issues when I flashed it during the Dell update process during boot with a USB stick holding the latest BIOS.

Flash forward less than two days later the PC decided to no longer post, displaying a white power LED, but diagnostic conditions of 1 2 3, which returns for “Reserved”. The system outputs no display to a monitor, and the keyboard NUM key does not light up. I have removed the CMOS battery and cleared any BIOS settings by installing a jumper on RTCRST with no effect.

Before I determine and spend the money on a replacement motherboard, I’d like to see if the BIOS appears to be corrupted and if it can be imaged with a known good BIOS, with the proper UID, S/N, MAC address, etc… so the PC registers correctly. I was able to successfully dump both the MX25L3206E (8 PIN BIOS chip - 4,096KB) and MX25L6406E (16 PIN BIOS chip - 8,192KB) using a CH341A. I also noticed in a modification forum posting @Maxpower had posted his stock BIOS files and was hoping if it’s possible to use those files and my BIOS dump to see if there is in fact an issue with the BIOS thus preventing POST and if I’d like to get it repaired.

Following any actual success, I would be interested in adding NVMe (single NVMe card on a 4x PCIe card) support as native support, as I had read in the "Need Help BIOS Mod T7610 bifurcation and PCIe boot (optional). I understand the first thing is first with regards to getting the PC working again.

System Details to assist:
Dell Precision T7610
(1) Xeon E5-2687w v2
(2) 8GB 1Rx4 PC3-14900R
Nvidia GT630 2GB GDDR
(1) EZDiY-FAB PCI Express M.2 w/Samsung 960 Pro 512GB NVMe

I hope this is helpful for anyone that is able to assist me with hopefully getting this workstation functional again. I have posted both my dumps and the bios files that Maxpower had submitted in the thread attached above.

Thank You,

25L3206.rar (1.85 MB)

25L6406E.rar (4.18 MB)

Spdkilz07 - mx25l3206e.rar (1.9 MB)

Spdkilz07 - mx25l6406e.rar (4.12 MB)