Dell T5400 Windows 10 driver

I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to install Intel’s RAID software and driver on my older Dell T5400 workstation with intent to set up RAID 1.

CPU-Z lists the following components:

Intel 5400A
Southbridge 6321ESB

I’ve read everything I can find, but it’s unclear which driver is the “correct” one. Is anyone able to tell me?

I also would need to know where to get the driver.

… with much gratitude.

@Guswah :
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The last Intel AHCI/RAID drivers, which do fully support the Southbridge 6321 (ESB2) of your Dell Workstation, belong to the RST platform v10.
So I recommend to install the Intel RST driver v10.1.0.1008 resp. the Intel RST Drivers & Software Set v10.1.0.1008.
Don’t forget to install .NET Framework 3.5 before you install the complete Intel RST Set.

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Dieter (alias Fernando)

I installed .NET Framework 3.5. Then I installed the v10.1.0.1008 drivers. Thank you sincerely.

Now the problem is getting RST to install. There are so many versions at the Intel site that I get dizzy. Which one should I be trying to install, because the ones I’ve downloaded continue to give me the platform error.

@Guswah :
The correctly matching Intel RST Software for your currently running Intel RAID driver is v10.1.0.1008. You can get it installed by running the Setiup.exe of the “Intel RST AHCI/RAID Drivers & Software Set v10.1.0.1008 WHQL”, which you will find >here< within the chapter I. A.

Yes, that is what I needed to get RST finally loaded, with many thanks.

And now another hurdle: There is no option available on that software to create a volume – or ultimately to set up a RAID 1 system, which is what I’m really trying to achieve. I’m not sure if I mentioned that I’ve come this far on a clean install over two brand new 1TB hard drives, so there are not likely to be gremlins causing the issues.

Can’t you create the RAID array from within the RAID Utility via CTRL+I?

I haven’t yet tried that, but I was hoping, in complete ignorance, that the Intel application might have the ability to create RAID 1 without the loss of data or even the OS. No?

your questions are looking and looming right after these two :
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with exactly same raid error and same mobo…but win10 instead of 7…

the following post is someway funny

mostly because .NET Framework 3.5 is integrated in win 10 and always pre-installed…
then the install of old drivers in win10 … never tried but i think its impossible because win 10 has some inside…

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On Fernando’s suggestion I started over and created my RAID1 with Ctrl+I. I was then able to reinstall Windows 7 and upgrade to 10 on a brand new pair of 1Tb disks. Success.

On an earlier computer, however, I had the luxury of Intel RST software, which I loved. I recall that on two occasions it notified me of disk failure and I was able to replace a mirror disk without a single bit of data loss. THAT is what I’d still like to achieve, but at this point I’m a bit afraid to install the software into my nice RAID1 setup.

If this is possible, which of the RST downloads would you recommend? Anyone? (Dell T5400 fully loaded, Xeon 5460s, Southbridge 6321ESB with two WD 1Tb drives)

This question has already been answered by me in post #4. It should have the same version as your currently installed Intel RAID driver.
By the way: There is nothing to worry about. The installation of the RST Software will not break or degrade your RAID array.

Yes, I thought so, but I didn’t relish the idea of overwriting my current drivers or the current OS installation of .net framework.