Dell T7610 bios A16 - Need to enable Intel ME that was diabled at factory

I have a Dell Precision T7610 with bios version A16. The Intel ME is disabled at the factory.
After shorting the Service_Mode pins, I can dump me.bin with fptw64 -Dme.bin -me .
Can I use the fix_me.bin that were generated by plutomaniac for T3600 and T5600 to enable my T7610 Intel ME?
This is the reference thread for the T3600: Dell Precision T3600 Bios A14

Follow the Engine CleanUp Guide and make sure to enable whatever you want during step 5 at ME Region > Configuration > Features Supported (Anti-Theft must be set to Disabled).

Wealth of info and staff assistant on this website put Dell, HP, and all other PC manu to shame. Dell can only tell me to get a new workstation.
I’m almost to the point of generating and flashing new me.bin. I’m taking time to absorb out of concern I can brick my T7610.
This is my ME Analyzer output:
¦ ME Analyzer v1.57.0 r135 ¦

¦ me.bin (1/1) ¦
¦ Firmware Family ¦ ME ¦
¦ Firmware Version ¦ ¦
¦ Firmware Release ¦ Production ¦
¦ Firmware Type ¦ Region, Extracted ¦
¦ Firmware SKU ¦ 5MB ¦
¦ Security Version Number ¦ 1 ¦
¦ Version Control Number ¦ 4 ¦
¦ Production Version ¦ Yes ¦
¦ Firmware Date ¦ 2017-10-24 ¦
¦ Firmware Size ¦ 0x4A4000 ¦
¦ Flash Image Tool ¦ ¦
¦ Chipset Support ¦ CPT/PBG/PPT ¦
¦ Firmware Latest ¦ Yes ¦

Note: File size exceeds firmware, unneeded padding!

I found Intel ME 8 Firmware Repository Pack r20/ from the instruction. It matched perfectly with my version. I assume, it is better to use this Region than the Extracted me.bin that I obtained from running fptw64 -D me.bin -me .

I think the T7610 used Intel C600 Series Chipset with Intel Patsburg X79.

The instruction says to use fitc and set Flash_Image->Description_Region->Descriptor_Map:Number_of_Flash_Components to 0.
Hope this is correct.

Yes you’re working with a bare ME region and not full SPI/BIOS image so you need to set the Number of Components to “0” as well as whatever else the guide says. Follow it carefully and pay close attention to the notice about working with Patsburg firmware. Adjust supported features at step 5, compare the xml at the end to make sure the settings are proper and you’re good to go.

Thank you plutomaniac. I have successfully enable Intel ME on my T7610 and can control from remote laptop. It does not have KVM, but I’m happy to have basic remote manageament working.
I had to flash the ME engine, reset it, then flash new A17 bios, then downgrade back to A16 bios before I can remote control it. Guess cleaning the bios helped it to work.

When I get sometime, I’ll suggest minor revisions to make these steps easier.