Dell T7610 wrong flash

Hi ,I am in a big trouble. I flashed ime with this comand
fptw64 -d spi.bin" and fptw64 -f spi_fix.bin

and now my pc won’t by pass the self test post.
Keep shutdown and turn on in a loop.
Plz can someone help me ??

Ur problem is not the commands… its wot ur flashed and we have no ideia of wot is it or wot kind of motherboard/model.
Also u didnt flashed any Intel ME FW image… u flashed the whole spi bios image.
Now grab that initial dump and use FTP in USB cmd/dos, other than that or any motherboard recovery features, CH341 can be ur only choice as final scenario.

EDIT: Then the command is wrong… seems that u didnt had time to read more and insure that u know wot ur doing, i cant imagine how people can f*** this with all the guides an details provided here in this forum.
FWUpdLcl64 is the tool for Intel ME FW image flash, if no Dell recovery exists or no stable access to dos cmd line then ur done, CH341A flash programmer is the only option, good luck.

I have a dell t7610 dual cpu xeon e5 2640 v2. Motherboard c600 ,
I did flash the ime ,I renamed the ime 8.1.40.bin to spi_fix.bin.

Hi , I bought CH341A flash programmer .
Can you plz show me how to flash the bios?

I cant as i do not have such HW, localize the SPI/header on the motherboard, identify the model of the SPI/EC and get a full working dump
like here:…n-bells7.36888/