Dell Vostro 3668 mod BIOS to support QKYN ES

Hello. This is a dump by FPT ( with Service Mode Jumper) of bios 1.14 ver. (latest BIOS from Dell official site) .
ES QKYN does not start, only amber light of power led. I need a help to get a modded bios with support ES QKYN. Now I use G4560

Have a hardware programmer to recover?

I dont have now

Are you ready to take risks without it?

yes, no problem. In any case hardware programmer can help after in case I failed with it

Download BIOS version 1.0.0 and unpack it by Dell PFS BIOS Extractor
Rename file “1 – 1 System BIOS with BIOS Guard [V00] v1.0.0.bin” to bios.bin
Flash it by FPT:
fpt -bios -f bios.bin

thanks a lot . I will try

Done. Now I have downgraded bios 1.0.0. I was not easy, first PC started in some kind fabric mode, after alt-F starts in usual mode, after that bios request to put service tag and so on, just now win 10 load properly.
After that will try to use ES QKYN.

I have tried to install ES QKYN, unfortunately is not working, the same as before with latest bios, amber light of power LED and fans in the biggest rotation, no display no bios. G4560 is working well. What can I do else?

Try to downgrade ME-region.
fpt -me -f me.bin
I’ve made file for you -…es3O756Y_R86Hp/

Now I have downgraded ME (together with 1.0.0 bios). Should I use Service Mode Jumper to downgrade ME-region?

Downgrading to 1.0.0 BIOS with FPT doesn’t downgrade ME-region.

Sorry for misunderstanding. Should I use Service Mode Jumper to downgrade ME-region?


I have done. ES QKYN is not working. But in addition both of network adapters Ethernet and wifi somehow have disappear.

Bad news…
Restore your backup BIOS. Rename your "Vostro 3668 dump 1.14 .bin" to full.bin and run:
fpt -f full.bin

But BT adapter is normal

It is possible to restore backup to use official update 1.14 exe file or strictly dump.

I recommend to use your backup.

ok. thanks