Dell XPS 15 9550 LA-C361P - Rev 1.0 (A00) - re-flashing bios

I need help reloading a good BIOS for Dell XPS 15 9550, motherboard: LA-C361P - Rev 1.0 (A00).

I am in the process of repairing my laptop after flooding - damaged charger system, damaged GPU converters, several mosfets. I was able to fix it and get the voltage from the 3V / 5V converter. After pressing the power button, a white LED appears and goes out after 10-15 seconds. That’s all.

I tried to flash the bios - to no avail - unfortunately I do it for the first time and I’m not sure if it is correct. I have the impression that my bios is either encrypted or damaged (traces of flooding). I have a new memory: MX25L12873F, but the effect is the same.

I have a CH341A programmer. I was read BIOS using the AsProgrammer version 1.4.1. Now, every time I save BIOS i get the message: “Possible protection is enabled. Press” Unprotect “and check datasheet”. The Unprotect button does not work.

I did a test and deleted the BIOS completely. The effect on booting the laptop is the same. I think there is something wrong with the BIOS and I need advice on how to properly upload it to be sure this part is ok.

"Possible protection is enabled. Press" Unprotect "and check datasheet"

From my experience that’s a bad connection or dead bios, can you read the chip info? Try removing the chip from the board then reading/writing to it. Hope this helps