Destroyed bios after ~4 month?

Modded bios for Asus Q87M-E, based on 3801, updated via ubu (everything). Used flawlessly from July 2019 to November 2019, thereafter ‘No Boot’, black screen, no beeps. Intel AMT still working. Assuming dead board/ cpu/ ram, but it’s the bios chip- destroyed NVRAM- se picture/ attachement of the bios region. Reprogrammed the chip and its working normally, re-read it and the reprogrammed content is identical with the original file, so chip seems to be OK?

Someone seen this/ has an explanation? Thanks in advance!

111.jpg (4.32 MB)

Then maybe a glitch messed up NVRAM possibly, or some other area of the BIOS, maybe due to a memory error or something like that, probably random gravity wave caused a glitch in the matrix right then and messed up your BIOS
Just so you know, what you showed in image can be normal, I see that all the time in working BIOS NVRAM

Thanks a lot for the answer Unfortunately this board was no longer booting, as described. So it seems not to be a bad chip, that’s good news (in a way).