Detection tool system vulnerable

Hello there,
Have MSI GF63 THIN 10SC ,Intel COMETLAKE I7 10TH GEN. used intel security detection tool and system is vulnerable. On MSI support there is no update , used intel CSME System Tools v14.0.20+ r14 Fw version detected H Consumer, PMC, AND PCHC
Here on forum the update is CSME 14.0 SLM H A v14.0.33.1125, any advise? shall i proceed with updating to this version? help on this is highly appreciated since system is new and really dont know how to proceed.

SLM is a different SKU, not for you. You need CSME 14.1 Consumer H A v14 (for systems running CSME Consumer H A v14.0 - v14.1). Instructions on how to update are provided at Intel (Converged Security) Management Engine: Drivers, Firmware and Tools.

thank you man much appreciated will follow your instruction.

I updated it to but now detection is error and system maybe vulnerable , please see attached.
thanking you much …


MEinfo.txt (6.32 KB)

Your firmware is up to date. Consult the documentation/help of that detection tool by Intel to see why it says that.

Hello Plu,
just want to confirm if possible , is it possible for system running to update to as to what i know NO , MSI support to fix the vulnarability asked me to update to 11. i asked the guy twice and he insisted so i ran the update and gave unsupported platform!! any opinion on that?

ME11883.txt (1.15 KB)

MSI support obviously did not know what platform your system is running. Their statement makes no sense. You are running CSME 14, not 11. Ask Intel at their forums as to why their detection tool reports what it does or consult its documentation.

ok thank u :slight_smile: