dGPU off and reboot issue


(asus k53sj, laptop)

i turned off my dGPU on my DSDT and i m overriding it in linux and windows 10.

i have 2 problems:

1) High OS boot time
I mean, turn on -> bootloader(clover) -> select linux (load kernel from clover) -> blank screen for a few seconds -> OS booting
Windows also requires more seconds to load
This does not happen if the GPU is on

2) Reboot issue
When rebooting from an OS that turn off the dGPU, my pc reboots two times, ie reboot -> reboot -> bootloader
Again, this does not happen when the GPU is on

I also tried to replace the DSDT in my BIOS, so i removed all the overrides and the GPU was off, but i have the same issues (1 and 2)

I attached my DSDT here, maybe my patch is wrong. (You may need iASL 6.x)
Also, there s an option in my BIOS, "Primary Display" and it is set to "SG" (Switchable Gfx). I can change this option to "Auto" or "IGPU", but i m really scared about this because i already lost a pc because of this xD

Do i need to fix my DSDT or do i need to change a BIOS option?


DSDT.zip (21.1 KB)