DH61WW Boot delay & Black screen

facing a very strange problem with intel dh61ww desktop board regarding me region.
i have a intel original motherboard with late display problem. so i deside to clean me secion .i backup my spi eeprom with external programmer & verify it also.
i cleaned as plutomaniac guide mention (note- i cleaned many time with help this guide its work flawless{perfectly} everytime).
after clean me region i flashed it with same eeprom.
board start normally means late display problem resolve i did save date & time in bios setup & save them & restart the board.
till now board working fine as it should.i shutdown it.
but when i again trigger it, it show no display i pulled out cpu ram cmos battery out & try again but no display.
i flashed my old backup, board start but late display but here i did same as i did with clean me bios.restart pc & switch off too.
only late display but working fine.
i think may be other region of my bios corrupt so i download another dump from internet.
first i flashed it without cleanme its work okay but i want to clean its me region so i did it clean & flashed it…
strange again same sitution means no display after switch of first time.
before put eeprom on board i clear cmos remove everything from board then i tested.
but problem same. i clean me with same repository & try both 8 series fitc tool for clear doubt.
i am uploading my original backup & outimage file which i got after from fitc tool after clean it me region for testing.
for any doubt i want to say i change my hardware like cpu ram psu with another one.
hope you understand now what i want to say…

backup.rar (2.89 MB)

outimage.rar (2.81 MB)

This is not ME thread related, moved to its own thread. You followed the cleanup guide properly so the problem is not ME. Maybe BIOS, maybe hardware. I don’t have something else to add.

please check my outimage file which i upload in my previous post.
as i mention there that problem occurs only after clean me. without clean me all hardware working fine only late display.
one more interesting thing i check today this complete process with same but another hardware (motherboard too)
now you can realise here new bios(all regions)
with new hardware. i simply clean me only but after first shutdown black screen appear here again.
simply my problem regarding clean me, not other region related.
if you can clean me this bios i will flash it & report you…if you interested.

I followed the guide myself using the backup, same file as your own outimage. Comparing the XML from backup and outimage shows the exact same configuration. That’s why I told you you followed it properly. Try resetting CMOS and remove all batteries for 1 minute after re-flashing cleaned outimage. If this doesn’t work, it must be something else (BIOS/NVRAM, hardware).

on amd plateform motherboard how to check vscc table list with uefi tool or directly in hxd if possible.
i have a asus amd structure motherboard x550za with W25Q32FV SOIC8 eeprom which is now damage & i do not have this eeprom right now.
how to find its alternative or can i add vscc table entry of new flash eeprom in bios like add in fitc tool for intel plateform?
i am uploading dump of bios which i need to flash with new flash eeprom.

bios.rar (2.93 MB)

@earthoo7 - Is this “Intel” board? If yes, are you dumping with programmer, then editing, then programming back? If not, that is probably reason for edit = brick mentioned above
Is this Intel or AMD CPU system? YOu mention XML and outimage above, which says Intel ME FW to me, but now you say AMD and VSCC?? Ohh, I forgot, you always talk about 9 different models and systems in same thread, I gotcha

For W25Q32FV, replace chip with W25Q64, surely you have some, correct? I do not know anyway to check AMD VSCC equivalent like we see on Intel BIOS, not sure there is such a thing in there

Just left CPU,mobo and ram,light it up

yes, you understand well that my another question for another amd motherboard.
i used here mx25l3206 instead w25q32fv which working okay for me.
i did not use w25q64 which size is 8mb as i said my bios was 4mb ,so i didnot use it.
i do not know amd not using vscc method like intel so i asked,& u r correct like always

@ gloobox
if i left cpu, mobo will not turning on bcoz intel using sktocc# method for their motherboards.