Digital Signature expired for some input device drivers

The certificates expired for some hardware soft… Windows setup refuses to register drivers, the functioning of the loved mouse or other hardware or accessories is none or limited to generic drivers from FMS, There is no way now to install fresh Windows7 with some hardware in my case it is M.A.D. Catz R.A.T Mouse,
Fernando, Help, You are making own Certificates for some modified drivers, maybe we can start helping some people not to waste and throw good working loved items, and buying stuff due to corporate greed, MAD CATZ RAT 7: MAD CATZ IS initial constructor of the best mouses ever made. the company failed in business as mouses were too good, and costly in manufacturing, the company was taken by Saitec, Saitec posted the last update for soft and issued the last Certificate like 10 years ago, can not say the real date, then the worst company especially in customer care Logitech which already killed all minor competitors on the market, took over Saitec… Now we have perfect condition programmable mouse with functioning drivers but… the system had to be set before the beginning of last year or even earlier. I guess if here the focus is to repair Corpo bugs, and lack of info, and greed, there is as well place to do something about this problem.
Wish us all luck and success on these matters.

EDIT by Fernando: Thread title shortened and specified

edited, My apologies, I wanted only more people to have the ability to search for this issue globally as it is a global problem with killing windows7 by Microsoft… drivers added and these drivers in the new just set system say “Windows can not verify …” and refuse to use them, there are more such incidents fi.: newest Intel Inf distributed officially is not accepted by such Windows7…

Mad catz drivers link:

and particulary this pack:…x64_Drivers.exe

Please shorten your title, thanks!

@Fernando doesn’t usually modify drivers on request, but he may make exception if he has time. I don’t understand what you need edited, and there is no linked driver, so you may want to edit in this kind of information.

@Lost_N_BIOS :

Since I got an eye pain after having seen the original title and didn’t want to wait for PitKoz, I have done it myself.

You are right and I don’t make an exception.

@PitKoz :
If you are not satisfied with the quality/usability of a certain driver, you should contact its maker. It is not my task to “repair” wrongly/badly manufactured drivers.

Chapeau Bas to Lost_N_BIOS , hello my friend,

I will have a new job for you… this time fight for freedom from Intel Management engine :slight_smile: catch you soon :slight_smile:

Luv Ya guys both, Fernando and Lost_N_BIOS you do sometimes this kind of job where results are the only solution for degradating virtual digital corporation world…

Chapeau Bas

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