Directx 12 ultimate on older GPUs for Multi GPU support?

Is there anyway we can make older GPUs work with Directx 12 ultimate only for the “multi GPU” feature?
currently Directx 12 ultimate only supports newer NVIDIA Cards… it would be cool if i could use my ARES 3 and R9 295x5 to it’s full potential with games that only support Multi GPUs via Directx 12 ultimate

Hi Sandviken1337,
My guess is that Multi-GPU requires a newer instructions for the GPU.
The R929x2 only supports 12. And Multi-GPU is on the newer 12_2. I don’t really know if the hardware supports this, or it’s just “segregated” through driver support.

This is only my personal projection on this problem. I might be wrong here, but just my 2 cents.
Only raytracing cards supports DX12 12_2. So even the 5700 doesn’t support 12_2. It only supports 12_1. Which doesn’t have ray tracing capabilities.

Kind regards Glenn0204.

No it can’t be done since FL12.2 needs HW support (for example HW-accelerated RT through DXR is mandatory for FL12.2). DirectX 12 explicit multiadapter doesn’t need DX 12 Ultimate (FL12.2) it needs only DX 12 capable driver (even FL11.0 is enough for EMA) to work. But that’s useless as almost no game use that mode since for that to work game developers themselves would need to code game to do that. Since implicit multiadapter (SLI and Crossfire) is already dead (on old HW it was never really used in measurable numbers and on last gen of both AMD and NVIDIA it’s completely removed from drivers) I don’t expect that to change any time soon. No loss thought since from what I could test on AMD Radeon R9 295X2 myself it was really horrible. Average framerate was almost double of single card but it had horrible micro stutter to point it was unplayable so disabling Crossfire in reality made game more playable on that card then with Crossfire enabled (even with almost half avg FPS). That is problem of wildly varying frametimes. Not sure if they can really fix that problem of AFR method they use for multi-GPU since they tried to fix it many times and failed every time.