Disable CSM always off

I have problem with my board Asrock Z97 Extreme 6.
I use it for hackintosh, when booting with no attached
Tv and CSM disabled the board restarts and puts csm on.
That is something to do with security while booting i think."opRom video policy"
Is there a way to mod the bios that csm always stays off with no attached monitors?
Thank you for any Help


@gsowner - Yes, this can be done at hidden setting (if you can’t see that), or I can make it visible for you in the BIOS. If that is the correct setting (video option rom) to allow what you need and avoid this issue.

I looked at latest BIOS, since you did not specify (2.80). I see this, in Boot, you could maybe also disable and stop this from happening >> Boot Failure Guard (If the computer fails to boot after xx times, defaults are restored)
At Boot >> CSM >> Launch Video OpROM Policy (This set by default to Legacy) Can you see that? Does that matter if you change to UEFI, or both ways this happens? Here, I expected to be able to choose disabled
I may be able to add that back, since it is an option for the storage rom. Which do you want me to leave in place, UEFI or Legacy, I will replace the other with Do Not Launch >> Confirmed this is possible, already did mod, replacing Legacy! Can you currently see this setting?

In hidden debug, there is also this setting, which is disabled by default (I thikn enabled, would solve issue by itself possibly) >> Skip External GFX Card (enable or disable not scan for external GFX Card on PCI/PCIE Slot)