Disassembly and remove option rom and other from uefi bios

is there the possibility to remove all the voices inherent to the skylake videobios in a cometlake platform and the intel lan modules not useful as there are no intel network cards, the card is a msi z490 unify?
To be clear, if I search by guid I find in addition to the option rom module also other items scattered around the bios and in the csm module.
here the bios https://drive.google.com/drive/mobile/fo…PyxMUc5yueZLN3S
Z490 unify atx version Need for unlock more voltage DRAM, there Is not much voltage for increase or stabilizing overclock help

@pipes80 - Please link me to the stock BIOS download page for this model, so I can download stock BIOS from manufacturer and keep BIOS we work on in properly named folder.
Is it this one? >> https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/MEG-Z490-UNIFY/ << If yes, what BIOS version are you using?

So, you want skylake vBIOS and GPT removed? If yes, maybe possible, but not by removing, but by downgrade to old vBIOS that does not support skylake, which on Z490 is probably not an option
If you do not use onboard graphics at all, then it may be possible to remove vBIOS/GPT, but I don’t know if system is bootable like that or not, may cause some issue to boot, I am not sure.

Intel LAN module, Yes, you can remove This only used for Boot on LAN or Wake on LAN anyway

Dram voltage, I will look for you once I have stock BIOS link. What is max you can set in BIOS now?
Stability for memory is not all about DRAM voltage, you also may need to adjust QPI/Vtt (VccIO and or VccSA).This is very common to need for high speeds or tight timings, and even sometimes at stock speeds but with large amounts of memory.

yes is a msi z490 unify, there is a module in csm too.
more precisely, the voltage that interested me is what you see in the picture between 2 arrows

@pipes80 - Please upload this image you mentioned, by itself, I do not need BIOS file and link above is 404
You did not answer my question, about the voltage you’re asking about, what is max you can set? If higher is not in BIOS and suppressed, then I can’t change, but I will check once I see image and you tell me what current max you can set is.

Not sure what you’re talkiing about in CMS, you have to be specific. But yes, any legacy roms would be in CSM, UEFI/EFI modules would be outside of CSM

the voltage issue is the following, as you have seen from the image the voltage has limits, I think that beyond 2.9 / 3 volts it is not recommended unless an extreme cooling. as far as the BIOS is concerned, I have already removed the modules but there is always a guid inherent to the Intel module, if I remember correctly it is the LAN module. if you search on yesterday’s tools for head and body you will see that there are intel modules inside csm.
English translate sorry
Link BIOS https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TZWFGsH…ew?usp=drivesdk

do you think it is possible to enable those options?

@pipes80 - Sorry, yes, major translation issues here?!? I don’t know what “Image” you are talking about, that I can see voltages in? And, you are talking about removing Intel LAN module from BIOS (This ONLY used for Wake on LAN or Boot from LAN), and has nothing to do with voltages.
What is the exact name of the voltage setting you are asking about? Then I can check in BIOS to see if I can raise max for you

What options do you need enabled?

the lan speech was because there are Intel roms but that doesn’t matter, nothing changes either to leave them or remove them. The voltage I am talking about and how I wrote to you is the power supply of the vpp ram, see attached image.
if you can also enable the other voltages even better


@pipes80 - Yes, I would expect Intel LAN removed or left, would not change anything about voltages
Show me image of the voltage you are talking about in BIOS, show BIOS Image (F12 screenshot to USB, put in max compressed zip) Intel PDF is not same as BIOS would be named.
I need to see the exact setting name, and that will also show me what voltages you can see there, so if any hidden in that section I can make visible for you.

that is the datasheet ic samsung b-die, however I took a picture at all voltages of the card


do you think it’s possibile enabled that voltage?

@Lost_N_BIOS have you all material to work on bios modded?
thx in advanced