[Discussion] Installation of Win7 using Opencore?

Hello, guys! I am TomValuefi.

To my surprise, Windows7 always got stuck on its logo whenever I tried to do a clean set-up on my thinkbook15 iil.

After I viewed the past posts of our forum, I learnt that the chaoes roots in the lack of uefi and modern acpi ( causing ‘A5–BSOD’ ) support in win7.

I haven’t figure out any other reasons leading to the fatal panic. Is that possible to enable Windows7 set-up boot logs so that I can get more detailed infomation about the booting process of Windows7 and the exact reason behind BSOD and chaoes without starting up Windows7(unable to do that)?

P.S. I have already intergrated the necessary drivers (USB3.0, NVME, sha256, etc.)

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As you have already realized yourself, it is the Win7 in-box MS ACPI driver named acpi.sys, which is responsable for the 0X000000A5 BSOD during the OS installation. This hex coded driver has not been designed for modern PCs, so it doesn’t support your Lenovo PC.
Since this may require a modification of the copyright protected MS driver, I recommend to do a Google search for a solution. You will not find it within this Forum.
Good luck!

P.S.(just a dicussion for those BIOS are locked and could not disable the prr to overflash it.If your BIOS has been unlocked, simply enabling ‘csm’ leads to success.)

Has anyone ever tried to installing Windows using Opencore, the dual-booting tool? I have found an article using the search engine Bing:
让XPS 15 9570顺利跑起Windows 7,这一篇教程就够。 - 知乎
( note: It was written in Chinese, maybe you need to deepl it )

The main idea is using OC as a VGA-supported environment and bypass A5-BSOD.

Before I unlocked my BIOS, Windows7 always failed to install. The author offered a possible solution. I tried to imitate the author, but it did no good (without csm enabled).

Maybe the core of this method is to create a virtual environment for vga-loading.