[Discussion] UBU Tool related Questions, Reports and Suggestions

The original UBU Discussion thread, which had been started in September 2013, has become very voluminous.
That is why I took the opportunity of SoniX’s release of his new v1.71 UBU development platform to start a new thread with the same title, but without containing all the old stuff.
From now on all users, who have a question, a report or an idea regarding the UBU tool, should post it into this new thread.

Note: The formerly used, but meanwhile outdated UBU Discussion thread has been closed by me, but its content is still available >here<.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

By the way - this was the original post:
SoniX hasn’t yet officially released the new UBU tool v1.71 (although there is already something available at his hoster).
So please be patient and wait for SoniX’s announcement, which we can expect tomorrow.
It doesn’t make sense to write any report about an UBU version, which hasn’t yet been released/announced by SoniX. Maybe he is still testing it himself.


i have one question mate!!!i update my cpu microcode the latest is greatest?i see diffrent for perfomance much faster and overclock with lower voltage!!!can you explain this?thanks again


I downloaded outside the home, so there is no publication.
But it seems there are already problems with the replacement of VROC.


It looks like no. But I can not say for sure.
Send the original image of BIOS.


Reupload. Later I will give a description.

GREATE job sonix!!!

Hello, thanks for the great work.

Just that now MMTOOL v5.0.0.7 had to be renamed "mmrool_a4.exe" and not "mmtool_a4.exe" (like the Non-official
UEFI BIOS Updater v1.71 Dev Test 3)…

Is the typo correct for the last UBU v1.71.1?

@N6O7 :
Thanks for your hint!
After having checked the code of the UBU.bat file I found out, that it was just a typo within SoniX’s update announcement (unfortunately copied and pasted by me). Meanwhile the mistake has been corrected by me.
So the MMTool v5.0.0.7 has to be renamed to “mmtool_a4.exe”.

@SoniX :
Thank you very much for having developed and released the new official UBU tool v1.71.1.
Meanwhile I have tested the new tool - without having added the MMTool - with the latest BIOS for my ASRock Z170 mainboard.
Result: Your tool worked flawlessly!
Congratulations for this great progress!!!

fernando the cpu microcodes the latest is greatest your opinion?

@panosxidis :
The latest CPU Microcodes may not always be the best (performance related), but will give your system the best possible security.

The UBU includes the latest revisions of microcodes that are available on the GitHub.
All links in the file "ubu_abt.mht".

Also in UBU there is a transition to the MCExtractor with DB release page.


V - View available versions (Internet access required)

And many users do not update the MCE DB themselves and report supposedly new microcodes. :)

PS Sorry for the typos in the descriptions.

I couldn’t link on Neither onedriver link nor developer’s link.
Could you give mega.nz link? at least it can succeed one in twenty times.

>Here< is the requested MEGA link.

Just a warning, with my Z390 board I used the latest version of UBU Tool to update the microcode and PC wouldn’t boot. Q-Code 18. I don’t think it’s a UBU Tool issue but a problem with the microcode. Not sure why a microcode update would bork my BIOS though. I had to use a USB BIOS programmer to go back to the stock BIOS.


Q-Code 18 - what does he mean? Is there a decryption code?
Send the original BIOS image or link.

Q-Code 18 is an incompatible CPU error. But works fine with the stock BIOS without the microcodes updated.

https://www.gigabyte.com/ca/Motherboard/…support-dl-bios latest F8 BIOS.

Now that UBU links to the Github page with platomav’s microcode repository, I just want to warn people that right-clicking on a microcode name in the list and using ‘save as’ will actually be saving the html page for the microcode, not the binary itself.

With Chrome, Firefox and Opera the file appears to be a .bin file (Edge and Internet Explorer correctly parse the link as .htm)

To get the microcode binary you have to left-click on the name of the microcode first, which then takes you to the download page where you will see a ‘download’ button.

UBU will validate the microcode anyway (and tell you the file is not a microcode) but I thought I would mention this to help others that may encounter this and think the microcodes are corrupt or mistakenly attempt to insert a html file with another BIOS tool.

Most people will likely left-click and be ok but those right-clickers could have issues.

The problem is in FIT. More precisely in FFS containing FIT. The first time I see that I need a correction of the CS.
I will correct.

Although not. I apologize. There is a problem with FIT, but different.

This is the case (#5032)when only MMTool can cope with this problem.

Since UBU already has support for 2 different versions of MMTool, expect version 1.72.
I need to do some tests and make changes.

But first, let’s try to fix the UEFITool/UEFIReplace 0.26.0.

@SoniX :
Thank you. I’m quite surprised it’s an MMTool issue. But then again it never made sense an new microcode wouldn’t work properly.

When you get it sorted out I will test it, I have a removable BIOS and using the right BIOS tool can fix it using a USB BIOS programmer if there are still issues.
Keep me updated.

Sorry but i can’t found how to update AMD microcodes. I followed all the steps with UBU 1.71.1 and mmtool_a4.exe in the UBU folder, but I can’t get menu to update the microcodes.
What I’m doing wrong?