[Discussion] UBU Tool related Questions, Reports and Suggestions

@KGO87 : As you can see here, the RST(e) BIOS modules are still offered by SoniX on his MEGA-Account:

Intel RSTe modules.png

1. Due to the fact, that >this< thread is reserved for the announcements of the UBU maker SoniX, I have moved your post into the correct UBU Discussion thread.
2. What have I to do with SoniX’s MEGA account?
3. If you want to personally address a post to a certain Forum member, you should type his/her nickname correctly (i found you post just by chance). My nickname is Fernando and not fernando.

@SoniX @Fernando
I haven’t seen these errors before, is it safe to flash regardless? Wanting to add latest MCU for my 10900K.
ASUS Z490 XII Hero Wifi

2021-08-10 13_43_02-Discord.png

EFI AMD RAIDXpert2-Fxx - 9.3.1-00029 (>9.3.0-00266)

EFI_AMD_RAIDXpert2-Fxx_9.3.1-00029.rar (124 KB)

@PhatAgent : You should wait with the BIOS flashing until SoniX has posted his comment.
Have you ever modified the CPU Microcode of this specific BIOS version before (by using the UBU tool)?

@Fernando I have not used UBU with this platform before and I haven’t seen anyone else in this thread either for that matter.
Will wait on SoniX’s input.


Couldn’t you put each version separately? This RAR file takes a long time to unpack and the data after unpacking is over 6GB

@Gelip : Thank you for your suggestion. I have moved it into this much better matching UBU Discussion thread (the other thread is reserved for the UBU Guide and SoniX’s UBU update announcements).
No, I am not willing to do what you are requesting.
1. It was not me, who collected and uploaded the “Incomplete repository of old UBU versions”. All I did was putting the related download link into the UBU Guide.
2. The amount of different old UBU versions is very high. To compress, upload and link them all separately will take a lot of time. Due to my daily work for the Forum I don’t have it.
3. There are not many users, who prefer to use/need an old instead of an up-to-date UBU version.
4. Why should a Forum Admin overtake a time consuming job for something, which can be done by every Win-RAID Forum member?
My advice: Do it yourself. Other users may be thankful, if you would start a thread and offer the download links to all currently available old and new UBU tool versions separately.

OK, I understand. Maybe it’s better this way - the packed archive is only 173MB so you can download it quickly. 6GB would be a long download.

I swapped my beloved GA-Z97X SLI rev 1.2 for a crappy ROG motherboard, simply because the GA couldn’t boot even a live usb of Arch linux. People at RMA got it to work, so eventually I sold it, no need to invest time fixing things.

The latest bios (2018 release) is even more outdated than the Gigabyte bios (2016) in terms of intel vbios, RST and ethernet firmware. I proceded to update everything like usual and flashed it using the usb backup flash method.
All is fine except that overclocking is quite broken. Overclock doesn’t apply inside the bios (everything is reported at stock speeds), but CPU overclock does work. Ram overclock on the other hand doesn’t. Ram timing is set to 9-9-9-24, speed at 1333MHz and voltage to 1.35v (since I have two low voltage sticks and two 1.5v sticks). Ram oc settings are totally ignored.

I reverted to the original bios and I can only think that a microcode update patched some potential expoloits which break functionality of the bios.
If anyone could take a look at it, would be appereciated.

I might try and update everything except microcode and try again.

Nothing. :frowning:

DrvVer v0.29.0 out/ Changes for Intel RST. Now displayed as:

EFI Intel RST RAID Driver - x.x.x.x
EFI Intel RST VMD Driver - x.x.x.x

Report the problem here:

As a temp solution:
Replacing UEFIFind.exe & UEFIExtract.exe by A51 (last "non-shrinked") version solves the "hang" issue with that BIOS image.

Hi, when trying to updated the Raid Orom and the EFI drivers for the Huananzhi T8 Bios I get the following result:

See the images (Before the update and after)
Practically I get 2 entries for the “EFI sSata Drivers” (one with the old version and one with the new).
Instead only one entry should have been there for “EFI sSata Drivers” the other one should have been for "EFI Sata Drivers"

For making the update I’ve used the “RAID ROM module v5.5.5.1005” and the “EFI RaidDriver_v5.5.5.1005” from this forum (as the motherboards has a C612 chipset)

Can somebody please help me figure it out what went wrong here?

Before the update2.JPG

After the update.JPG

Not sure if there is a problem with the UBU or if I did something wrong.
I would be grateful if anybody can proper update this Bios file for me. Here is the original Bios file used.

bios.rar (3.61 MB)

@codehunter , maybe naming problem? I don’t know. Here is the updated BIOS file. But the microcode update is tricky.


@SoniX , any idea? I tried "all" the MMTool versions, but nothing. :frowning:

BIOS.rar (3.87 MB)

@westlake , thank you so much for taking the time and effort!

Log-term, it would be nice if the UBU tool will be able to recognize and update properly the microcode (the same happens when v.6 of the OROM/EFI drivers are being used).
Perhaps yeah, there is something that need to be adjusted in respect to the naming…

EFI AMD GOP Driver - (>
OROM VBIOS Barcelo - (new item)
OROM VBIOS Lucienne - (new item)

So many new stuff, we need updated UBU.
(But wait for the new microcode database. 30+ new item.)

amd.rar (76.3 KB)

i have mid update UBU with the DB r205 which offers a new code for my cpuid 906E9, but i have this error message?

"mCode FFS: parseFile: non-empty pad-file contents will be destroyed after volume modifications
No replacements can be applied to input file "

or can I find the .bin file for the 906E9 cpuid?

Thank you

@Div You can find the latest Microcode here https://github.com/platomav/CPUMicrocodes and here Intel, AMD, VIA & Freescale CPU Microcode Repositories Discussion

If you want old Microcode, you can find it [OFFER] Intel CPU Microcode Archives