does the lack of ACPI affect AHCI support?

I’m still not having much luck trying to install XP on Ryzen, I was wondering - does the lack of ACPI affect AHCI support?

@infuscomus :
Your chosen thread title is not very meaningful without mentioning the chipset manufacturer and the chipset details of your system.
Maybe >this< already existing thread would be a better location for your request.

I meant does the lack ACPI affect AHCI support in general on both Intel and AMD chipsets - I have both an 8th gen Intel NUC and an AB350 gaming K4 motherboard that I get both A5 and 7B BSODs on.

Unfortunately I don’t know the answer. You should better ask the Forum members, who have posted within >this< thread.

ACPI should not affect AHCI support as Intel Coffee Lake can still be installed with ACPI disabled with AHCI support still working.

Unfortunately I was unable to purchase the AMD 990FX motherboard to do the bridging test experiments before applying them to AM4 Ryzen. It may be another year before I can get one if I’m lucky. For now AMD is a no go for XP OS installs. Choose Intel if you want to use XP on a modern machine with Coffee Lake as that is proven to work. It is also possible that the AMD SATA Controller has changed significantly and is too different than AM3+ that they are now incompatible making it impossible to install XP OS natively and only VM is the only alternative method. However this just speculation until I can get a hold of a AMD 990FX Motherboard for testing.