Does Windows 7 offer trim support for Windows-based RAID 0?

I am new here, and I apologize if this question is in the wrong forum, or is completely inappopriate for the board. But it seems that with so many Windows & RAID experts here, somebody will know the answer.

I am planning a new build that will, for the time being, include my two old Samsung 840 Pro’s that I would like to use as data disks in a RAID 0 array.
In my last build, that I am about to replace, I used the 840 Pro’s in a RAID 0 array created using Intel software that loads prior to Windows loading.
I am interested in now trying to construct the arrays within Windows itself.

But does RAID constructed within Windows 7 actually offer trim support?
I’ve seen at least one post on the internet that claims it does not, but things seem to change quickly in this arena.

plans are not finalized but looking at building:
ASRock Z170 Formula, i5-6600K, Windows 7 Pro (possibly ultimate if I find it cheaper) 64-bit
boot disk will be an SSD or HDD in AHCI, if it is possible

On another board, I saw Fernando 1 write,…007&postcount=2

But that doesn’t seem to answer my specific question.

@ carlinho:
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Due to the missing redundancy a RAID0 array is generally not a good option for the storage of data.

Since I have never created an SSD "Software RAID" from within a Windows OS, I am not 100% sure regarding the answer, but I think, that TRIM will pass through into a Windows Software RAID, because the array is not managed by any RAID Controller.
At least you will have to find it out yourself, whether TRIM will be active within your future Software RAID or not.
Please let us know your test result.

Dieter (alias Fernando)