Does Windows 8.1 install on AMD X570 boards?

While I do not plan to use Windows 8.1, I was just wondering if it would in principle install on X570 chipset boards?
When I buy a new X570 board, I wish to install my Windows 8.1 just enough to upgrade to Windows 10 from within OS to hopefully acquire a Windows 10 digital license.
My Windows 7 OEM license is already consumed on my existing B450 board so that can not be reused.
I tried searching the Internet but there’s hardly any relevant info available about X570 & Windows 8.1. Everyone seems to be talking about Windows 7 because there are users who still want to use it.
Interestingly nVidia also does not provide 8.1 drivers for many of their mid to high end GPUs. I have an old GT710 GPU that is supported by nVidia on Windows 8.1, so for the time being that can be useful. The question is Windows 8.1 and X570 chipset. All I need is USB 3 support and SATA support and Windows 8.1 loading on X570 without crashing!
If anyone has attempted it or if this forum has any inputs or pointers, would be great to know.

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i got win 8.1 industry pro embedded working on an x570 with an RTX2070

  1. Integrate any needed drivers such as NVME to the 8.1 ISO. USB 3 is not needed.

    2. Burn it to a USB using something such as Rufus with UEFI (GPT) mode selected.

    3. Load it up on your computer and let it install.

    3a (Optional). If you get an Internal_Power_Error BSOD, reload the media, press Shift+F10 to load up command prompt. Type in Notepad.exe, go to File, Open, and then navigate to C:\Windows\System32\drivers. Change the file type to All Files and a whole bunch of files should appear. Click on one and then press I. This should take you to the I’s and one of the files there should be named intelpep. Right click this and delete it. Exit out.

    4. Use a Windows 8.1 compatible USB WiFi adapter to get it online and to activate it.

    5. Upgrade it to Windows 10.

    That’s how you do it on supported and unsupported hardware.