[DOUBT] Let's talk about laptop a CPU(soldered) upgrade

Hello people,
Yes, it’s me again. The guy who wants to do a cpu upgrade.
After walk kilometers and kilometers, trying to find a technical service to do a desoldering(i7-8750H) of the cpu of my laptop to replace it for other something better(i9-9980HK), finally, i have found a place to do this operation.
When i reached the place, he asked me the questions of always. “Is the cpu soldered?” Yes, “Do you have the micro code?” Yes, “Stencil?” Yes,“Do you know if the BIOS and the EC are compatible” in this one he catched me, i answered “i don’t know”, and that’s why i’m here. What do i need to know what kind of things i need to do for successful upgrade of my cpu? some one can help me?

no help?

Valid questions and the tech guy is not responsible for a go from u on the cpu replacement.
Apart from ur UNKNOW laptop that u know nothing about, theres a bunch more details about this operation that can go wrong even the same Intel ID 0x3E9B.
Schematic design of the motherboard and signals, voltages, tdp (35-45 vs 45),mcode, bios, Intel ME fw, a bios mod flash successful…or not… u name it.
Its not a light job and can be painful for a tech, apart from the soldering/de-soldering… i would never take any responsibilities our even accept the job.
Did u already identified the board partner number/design/schematic and check if any other model of laptop of the same manufacturer uses a 9980…
The answer u want is very hard to achieve, my opinion only. Good luck on ur endeavor.

Hello there
i have an aorus 15X9 laptop with an i7-8750H and i want to upgrade it to i9-9980HK. I have the stencil, i have microcode ,unlocked bios, the chipset its the same and i have the proper technical service to do a reballing (for time this laptop it’s out of warranty, everything). Exist a very similar model that has a i7-9750H(Aorus 15XA), that i don’t know if it have the same motherboard, but uses the same bios.
The problem in this thing is the EC(Embedded controller), if is the same that uses the i9-9980hk, Hence i want to know if is possible the upgrade, or it will fail with the i9-9980hk inside the motherboard.


“What make and model number is the laptop”.
Gigabyte Aorus 15X9

"Whats the motherboard part number,and revision if any".
Manufacturer: Quanta
Model: NLCG type2-board version
for more inofrmation look the attachment.

“Is there a higher SKU with the i9-9980HK”.
Yes this model with the i9-9980HK, this one with i7-9750H, this one very similar

The HK versions are unlocked aren`t they ?
Yes they are unlocked.

“and if there is a higher SKU then maybe the ME Management Engine firmware in the bios is different”.
in this part, yes they are diferent. But with an update we can pair them with this o not?.

DESKTOP-5CDL1L7.txt (114 KB)

Hey m8, sry but this is not as simple as may think, this requires a deeper investigation for ur side.
That model with u found with the 9980HK…does it use exactly the same motherboard as u have? This is the kind of info that u need to find…
Ur chipset HM370 by Intel specs, its compatible with the 9980HK, that its not reported as Unlocked but several reports say that have unlocked multiplier.
No one can tell "Buy this processor that it will work", so this ur endeavor and only u can take the risk
Being such recent model ur not going to find a similar user that has made such swap… its gonna be hard to finding similar info with same chipset/processor model.
Try a search for Quanta NGCL… u only see keyboard replacement.
So, im sry but not going expeculate any more on this subject.

is it possible to replace 1650ti with 1660 mobile using this method? do they use the same BGA socket? any other changes i need to do to the bios? sorry if my question sounds stupid

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I’m not sure if you are still active, but I already did this mod in 2021 june and it ultimately failed.

Cost me around 700£ to try that mod😃

I was doing exactly the same as you tried to do. The replacement was succesful and the computer somewhat accepted the new CPU (from i7-8750h to i9-9980hk) as the most basic functions worked, and it even tried to boot but just moments before showing the splash screen (even the screen would turn on for a brief second) it would restart and get stuck in this bootloop forever.

If anyone ever comes up with such an idea, PLEASE never try to execute it it’s not worth it.

Unless you are some crazy and super smart computer engineer with the ability to modify every single thing that is needed to make it work properly.

unnecessary ?
8750h is good cpu ,.,.unlock or bypass only power limit “IMON setup / iccmax” or FSB overclock ?
9900k or HK .,.is better ,but OC on notebook “real unlocked cpu is imposible - 150W+”

my old 4 core 7820hk - 100W in full load + some mods for normal temperatures “still works nice”
.,.and on notebook must all works in balanced - CPU / gpu power “+ battery voltage + draw” - EC fw .-.–etc

unnecessary ! ,.tune what have in base - RAM + remove limits + temp under 94C
good luck

The whole point of the upgrade for me (and I assume for other people aswell) was the step up from only 6 cores and 12 threads to 8 cores and 16 threads. If I am not mistaken then cache was larger on i9-9900hk aswell.

The performance difference is definetely there and in my opinion very noticable.

This whole changing a soldered CPU thing though doesnt make sense at all and for everyone trying to do such thing is just easier to buy new laptop.

I was very naive and stupid to try and attempt such thing.

try first full unlocked 8750H “all cores load + no limit” ,.,.9900hk - it will never run at full capacity on notebook

,.,.still notebook is very limited for all this high end cpu and try draw 150W+ ? ,.,.+ GPU on small PSU and notebook mobo “MSI - 2x 330w or eurocom 780W and still not works well”

check some notebooks review “all is similar limited - heat + power is biggest problem”

stronger cpu here is not a complete advantage :d

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mainly what I remember so the only thing that could be upgraded a bit was eurocom
or is all extreme limited :confused:

Yes, after my failed cpu swap that is exactly the laptop manufacturer I went for😂

The one and only Clevo. Where my addiction to non stop tinkering and upgrades can be some what satisfied…

recommended more OC “SW tuning” .,.remove heat and power limits and you will find that the upgrade is completely unnecessary :d

stronger cpu is also limited here ,.,.normal cpu + OC is most time identical performance :grinning:

and OC is still safer than any soldering or all problems around this upgrade “if at all possible”
.,i think - not

Well, for me at the moment thermals is the only limiting factor :rofl:

127W TDP on a laptop cooler is not a great combination :rofl:

But there is a better cooler on Ali Express that could be very good for me. Might buy it at some point.

But also going from 9900K to KS allowed me to tighten my RAM timings a lot so I was happy with the change.

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someone from NotebookReview forums made me a cheap ass custom CNC machined cooler for my old Clevo a few years ago, but sadly the forums are gone and I don’t know his name or I would recommend you him.

He also wasted quite a bit of time prototyping and at the end I paid like 20€ or something like that for it using the whole empty space…

ps: Maybe if you search well there will be someone willing to make you a custom nice cooler for a good price on some forum…