Doubts about my CH341A clip cable connections to flash laptop BIOS

This is the first time I try to use an USB CH341A USB miniprogrammer to try to recover a laptop totally bricked by an error during the BIOS update and I’m not sure if I have connected everything properly.

The chip that I need to flash is this Asus laptop motherboard BIOS

And this is my USB programming device

Clearly the pin number of the clip out should mach the order with the chip pins, but my first great doubt is about the connection of the clip cable and jumpers to the USB programmer. In this video you can see how I have tried to connect the clip cable to the USB programming device.

I’m not sure this is correctly configured and before trying to attach the clip to the motherboard chip I would need the confirm of someone that has experience with those tools.

@AndreaF red like = 1 = pin next to the dot on your chip (bottom right in your case). follow this guide if you have any other issues: [GUIDE] The Beginners Guide to Using a CH341A SPI Programmer/Flasher (With Pictures!)

Thanks for the answer but I’m not sure about the verse of little connection board in the zif block. Should I rotate of 180 degree respect my current attempt shown in the video to have the first pin in the position marked in the follow picture?

notice how there is a diagram below the pin block that says 25xx - your #1 pin should be in the same place as the white dot in the top right corner.

Thanks again. Do You mean that since in the bottom there is a little dot on bottom left should I connect in this way?

In the top left corner from this perspective cannot placed since the little clip connection board pins rows would be perpendicular to zif connector

Or you mean in this way? (But this is like I have connected It in my very first attempt shown in the opening thread post)


the second pic is the right one. make sure you’re only putting the connector in the holes for 25xx

@AndreaF - Pin one on the programmer is in the middle of the inside block, on the lever side (Your very last image above in post #5 is correct)
Check this guide, all connections explained very nicely with images [GUIDE] Flash BIOS with CH341A programmer

Thanks to everybody. The very last image is basically what I have done initially, as shown in the video and pictures of my very first post, then thinking that I have done something wrong I have gone in confusion.