Downgrade VBIOS from SNB/IVB_2143 to SNB_2089

I need to change the VBIOS in the ASUS P8H61 M LE R2 motherboard from version 2143 to 2089. I try to transfer settings myself but I get an error in BMP:


I am attaching the bios file 1408.bin (4.08 MB)

@Gelip - Why not just pull this vBIOS you want from older BIOS version for this model that was pre-Ivy, such as BIOS before 0207?
What is the issue here anyway, that’s making you want to do this?

Those may be settings in the newer version vBIOS, that are not in the older version vBIOS, so you may need to proceed with the warnings as that would be the only option.
You can open two vBIOS side by side in there and compare manually to make the changes you need to fix. I looked manually, comparing side by side and looking at the sections/settings mentioned, they are missing/different in 2143 vs 2089, this is why you get the warnings.
1. Display Subsystem Disabled in 2143 is not in 2089
2. LFP Display Scaling @ POST (different name in 2089) + Select Panel Timing Also missing in 2089 + (Extended Desktop support in vBIOS + Secondary display = both missing in 2089) - I think the #2 error is from first one here, or last one
3. Panel Self Refresh missing in 2089 from >> General Driver Features >> Power conservation
4. Unsure why this error, both match exactly and settings are properly transferred over.

I checked doing a transfer, and get the same, assuming due to downgrading and what I mentioned above, these options are not present in the older vBIOS is why they can’t be found (ie carry on, fingers crossed)

These are different vBIOS version and VBT size too, you may need to ask about this in the main vBIOS/BMP thread. If you want me to move this there let me know.


0207 ??? The oldest bios for my model >ASUS P8H61 M LE R2< is version 0402 - first release:


Because WinXP x64 SP2 boot on ThinkPad X220 with VBIOS 2089 - My idea for WinXP x64 + UEFI

Bios 0402 have VBIOS 2124:


I compared manually VBIOS X220_2089 with VBIOS ASUS_2143 in BMP but how do I add a new option that is not in the older VBIOS?

Yes please move my thread to main thread vBIOS/BMP