DRAM Voltage locked at 1.4V max

I am on a Gigabyte H310M S2H V2.0 motherboard.
I installed an I3 8th Gen on it 4 years ago.
I had 2 x 8GB DDR4 2400 installed.
Low end Intel motherboards don’t allow for memory overclocking, but I was able to shrink timings to 11-11-11-24. I also tweaked other secondary and tertiary timings as well.
The maximum DRAM Voltage my motherboard allowed was 1.4V. I thought it is fine and no need to bother myself with higher DRAM Voltage because the CPU is already very weak.

Recently I ordered a coffe lake I9 engineering sample with a custom bios file contains the required microcode for it to run.

From the info I got is that my Gigabyte motherboard is the most compatible with these engineering samples. Not only that, but also Gigabyte unlocks overclocking on non Z motherboards once an engineering sample is installed which means I won’t be getting an I9 only, but also an overclocking capability. My motherboard VRM is not bad offering 5 phase design, certainly not the best, but can handle over 100W. The only leftover issue is the DRAM Voltage which I really need to get it higher than 1.4V.

The 1.4V is very low in my opinion and won’t give satisfying frequency with the I9 I believe.

Any idea or a workaround to solve this problem?

well ES cpu sometimes caused some bugs like this, but keep in mind, your mobo is H310, which means it is locked for everything. For ram overclocking, you dont have to worry about the dram voltage since it’s supplied to the ram, but worry more about the VCCSA and VCCIO. if they went above 1.3v both, then it could be the bios get bugged.

pretty much a Z motherboard might give a better chance.

It is not a bug. The original BIOS does not allow over 1.4V. I already said that gigabyte allows overclocking for engineering samples on non Z motherboards including this H310c motherboard so it is not locked for everything.