Hello… I’ve been tried a big problem with my ASUS ROG G752vs. When the Machine sleep or shutdown, sometimes it doesn’t come back. The technician told me that the problem could be in this driver to SSD. Could you help me? Where can I find the driver for this? Tks in advance!

Sleep issue is common, and there is no driver for NVME/SSD really. Are you using a modified BIOS, or was the stock BIOS compatible with NVME drives?
Update to latest BIOS is your best bet, if you are not using already, or try older BIOS if you remember one that sleep worked good on. Any huge number of things can cause sleep issues, ME FW, ANY driver, for ANY application in windows, windows itself, any other hardware etc (HUGE list, but often is BIOS itself)

What is your NVME drive? And, what drivers did you install for the drive when you installed it? If you are not using RAID, then remove Intel RST driver and see if that helps