Drivers for GTX 1050 TI for windows xp 32 bit

I am looking for graphics card drivers GTX 1050 Ti 4 Gb for Windows XP 32 bit. Can anyone help me?

I doubt you would get them at all, most of the cases the latest, but modded XP drivers wouldn’t work. On rare cases you would actually get the modded driver to work, but only 2D accel works.

If you really want the unofficially latest nvidia gpu cards that work on XP, i can assure you that the GTX 970/980/980 Ti/Titan X will work on XP with modded drivers:…980-ti-titan-x/

I found the necessary drivers:…

Did that Russian driver works for you ?

Friend of mine has tested it, it won’t work after all on a real GTX 1050 TI. Turns out OP had a a fake chinese GTX 1050 TI (prolly a GTS 450), so that’s why those drivers have “worked” for him.