Drivers Intel(R) Ethernet Connection (2) I219-V


In the latest driver package 27.2.1 there is now a W11 directory with a e1d.inf driver but looking at the contents it would be for W10 and Server 2022

Is it better to use this driver with W11 or always the e1d68x64.inf (which is no longer updated) ?

Thanks for your help

I can’t say for sure, but I’m using the driver for I219-V on the W11 and no problem yet. Yes the driver itself is for W10, not for W11, even though it is in the W11 folder, but I think that means it should work fine on W11.

Go with !

Driver version is inside Intel driver pack 27.2.1 and 27.2.

Thanks for your reply
Better to use this driver then, ans not e1d68 (

I do use for my W11 21H2 PCs as well for my W10 21H2 PC Intel v12.19.2.45 from v pack. All is working fine.