Drivers on B365

Drivers on B365
Installed clean original XP and working
Which driver version is best for the B365 ?
Desirable links
Thank you

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I recommend using integral edition

use the optional patch integrator to build a patched ISO and use options 1,3,4,5,7

Need clean install and
through device manager
installing drivers


Yes, Integral edition will let you do a clean install.

Just remember to use the optional patch integrator so it’ll work for your hardware.

Need without Integral (this not original)
Installed clean original
Need through device manager installing drivers


Installing these drivers through device manager isn’t going to work for your case because you would need an pre-existing already working XP installation to do that.

XP installed and working
Need only install drivers


If XP is already installed on your PC then you don’t need ACPI or AHCI drivers.
you can install the USB3 drivers without the chipset drivers.

Where to find chipset driver ?


No idea.
Google your motherboard.


Intel’s "Chipset drivers" can be found >here< . Since it are just simple text files, they are supported by all Windows Operating Systems.