Dumping and Flashing BIOS of a Intel Wireless PCI-E Card with Flash Programming Tool. Windows iwleeprom Alternative.


I wanted to know whether a tool exists for windows to dump and flash the BIOS/Firmware of Intel WIFI cards.

As the Flash Programming Tool can dump and write BIOS chips from within WIndows, is there a tool that can also dump the Wifi Cards BIOS?

On Linux iwleeprom does the job, but I need a windows tool.


Yeah I thought about that. But the chip on the Wifi card is even smaller than a BIOS chip and It is a pain in the ass to get a stable grip on the chip with a clamp. And that would also be a last resort.

I was looking for a easier solution for windows.

There was a tool called DumpIWL.exe that is supposed to dump and wirte WIfi Cards Bios. But that tool is outdated and does not work on newer cards.

Also it seems to be possible to use http://rweverything.com/download/ for this. But I only found russian tutorials with links to outdated files. Apparently you can execute a command in rweverything that can change a wifi cards wifi Bios settings.

I can make dumps on Linux with iwleeprom. But I’m not sure wether the tool makes a complete dump for the chip.