Dumping Intel ME Firmware into a BIOS with no ME Firmware?

Hey Everyone,
I have a bios that does not include the ME Firmware. However, I wanted to know if I could do a dump of my ME Firmware (it’s the latest version available and supported by my system), and somehow port it into the BIOS. Or, would that not work? OR… Is it better to not include the ME Firmware into the bios mod that I made, so that anyone that uses my MOD will not be affected by the firmware upgrade and possible BRICKING of the board. Any suggestions? I’m assuming if I do the full dump (fptw64.exe -d all.bin), that gives me the BOIS and ME Firmware. Can I take that, update it with Flash programming tool, to the LATEST ME firmware, and this way it’ll update everyones ME Firmware that runs my bios mod? Or is that too simple? LMK…! (Thanks in advance for everything!)

What board (model) are you talking about? You may be able to dump your ME firmware using Flash Programming Tool only if your Flash Descriptor is unlocked. Either way, it doesn’t matter. You should not include your latest dumped ME firmware at the BIOS mod as it may cause issues to other users due to system specific ME Initialization Data leftovers. Also, even if you follow the linked guide and include a configured w/o initialization data ME firmware inside your BIOS/SPI mod, other people won’t be able to update to it if their flash descriptors are locked because the CPU/BIOS wouldn’t have Read/Write access to the ME Region with such a configuration. Assuming you only have the BIOS region (usually laptop manufacturers do that), aside from ME, you need the Flash Descriptor and possibly GbE and PDR. These can be dumped and just added with no issues but yet again, if the recipient system’s flash descriptor is locked, the Flash Descriptor, GbE & ME regions won’t get updated due to lack of read/write access.