Dumping ME Firmware From Motherboard

I had noticed that MEAnalyzer fails to understand where the ME Firmware is located inside Intel .BIO firmware files, and just now saw the same with a Lenovo .CAP firmware file from a ThinkCentre M92p.
Understanding what firmware version is installed is not an issue, as I can do that from the firmware (at least on the Lenovo, I forget about the Intel boards), as well as from MEInfo, however I am unable to find what variant is installed (consumer vs. corporate (probably corporate), 1.5MB vs. 5MB, etc.).

Currently I have not been able to understand how to extract just the ME firmware so as to find out what variant it is.

MEA and pretty much every tool out there, expects standard SPI/BIOS/Engine images so proprietary BIOS packaging formats should be decomposed first, if possible.

For a working system you can run MEInfo tool to view some info which should help. For example, if you see vPro related features present then it’s a Corporare/5MB system. You could also run FWUpdate tool with “-save” parameter to create an UPD image of the running Engine firmware which you can then drop in MEA for SKU info.

For a non-working system, if you can’t decompose a proprietary BIOS package from an OEM or it includes only a BIOS region and not full SPI image with an Engine region, you can dump the current firmware with a programmer or similar and then input it in MEA. If it’s too corrupted, getting a dump from another working system is another way to go.

@moriel5 - Lenovo ThinkCentre M92p uses 5MB ME FW 8.1 in all the dumps I have on hand. This region is not a part of their standard BIOS Image, you have to dump both BIOS roms with FPT and merge them, or unlock FD and then dump entire SPI image.
Probably same/similar comment applies toIntel BIOS, at least the “not included in standard BIOS image” part. You’d have to give me a specific model and then I could look and let you know if I have any dumps or what’s in the stock .BIO etc.

Thanks @plutomaniac and @Lost_N_BIOS , I have managed to verify that indeed the M92p does utilize the corporate 5MB firmware (I already knew that it utilizes version 8.1.x), I’m not sure how I did not see the option to save the currently installed version to a file earlier.

@Lost_N_BIOS , I think that now I’ll be able to figure out on my own what is necessary for our Intel motherboards, however if you’d like, I can post the models.

Oddly enough though, when I tried to update the firmware just now, FWUpd threw out an error that the OEM ID is incorrect. Could Lenovo had modified the Me firmware in some way?

Sort of. It’s a stupid old OEM “measure” to make sure that the user is applying their “own” update. It’s useless and shouldn’t exist anymore. Anyway, run MEInfo and copy the OEMID field. You can then use that at FWUpdate alongside the normal flash parameter. Check the help screen of FWUpdate for the exact parameter for entering the OEMID.

Thanks, I’ll do that.

Update: Sorry it took so long, I had chores.
The M92p’s ME firmware is up to date and working fine now.
The Intel motherboards will soon follow suit (when I have the time).

I’m sorry @Lost_N_BIOS , however it would appear that ME6 does not support saving the firmware to a file, and my SOIC8 clips have gotten separated from the cables, so until I resolder them, could you please check what variant does the Intel DH55HC use?