DVD Firmware

I have this DVD Philips BDP7600/12 which it’s stuck to Philips logo.
My opinion is that have firmware problem but unfortunately i can’t upgrade it or downgrade it without menu settings where i haven’t access. The DVD have NAND02GW3B2DN6@TSOP48. I have read the nand file and is 270.336KB which is bigger than update file 55.416KB. I think the file have bootloader and other stuffs. The problem is that i don’t know how to embed the update file to original file.
Any suggestion?

Upload both files here and we can look. Also, upload some older update if you have, like version before this one. Do you have a copy of any other related updated files, if so add them too.

Do you have the original backup, from before you started any writing to the file? If yes, upload that too, keep all files in separate folders so we know what’s what.

Actually, here is latest version I think, 1.67 - https://www.download.p4c.philips.com/fil…_12_fus_eng.zip
How to install PDF https://www.download.p4c.philips.com/fil…_12_fin_eng.pdf
Changelog - https://www.download.p4c.philips.com/fil…_12_fhi_eng.pdf

Put “UPG” Folder on root of USB Drive, then update as mentioned (hopefully, if your buttons work still!)

The buttons are not working.
Here is update file (i think it’s older ver than yours)update
Here is the NAND file (back up with programmer)NAND file

So you cannot use the USB update at all? Did you try remote buttons already too?

Thanks for the links, I will look at this and see if I can figure out what goes where and what versions that backup is etc. I am wondering, maybe this is not a FW update you backed up?
Since update is 50MB, I assume a lot of that is images (Menu bmp’s and such) stored elsewhere, but this 270kb and 55kb seems very tiny compared to the actual update download.

The update I posted is 1.67 and it’s 50MB not 50kb, huge difference, that’s why I’m wondering about the file sizes.

OHHHHH! I see, you’re files linked are 264MB and 54MB too, much better to see that instead of KB’s

I’ll see what I can figure out.

* I think it would be best, if you can find and link the exact version FW that you know was already in the 264MB image.
That way we put in same version that’s already there and possibly corrupted, in case trying to put new or old in there causes other conflicts and doesn’t work due to unlinked files etc.
If you are not sure of that version, I’ll see if I can find it and figure it all out too. Do you know of site that has all the FW versions? It took me a while to find the version I linked, few Chinese sites, dead links, many dead links at random Phillips sites, then I finally found on Dutch or German Phillips site.

I have search a lot of sites and i’ve posted many too. The original fw file (the big one) i assume that it’s only in one place Philips data base.

Thanks for your help in advance

You’re welcome, hope I can help figure something out!

Right off the bat I see the big file, does not contain a FW image anything like the small file. Are these possibly be stored on separate flash rom chips.
You’ll have to look over more IC’s on the board and look for smaller rom in the 50-75MB range and see if you can find one containing the smaller image.

Is this IC’s on a PCB? I’ve never seen such large images stored in anything like that, only hard drives or NVM soldered to a board, didn’t even know there was such a large rom IC that could hold even a MB image.

There is no other rom ic on the board.


Yes, honestly I’ve never worked on these, so wasn’t sure what is stored where and was thinking maybe you missed something.
Can you not just program the 264MB image and boot it? Then do the update later once you get it running? Seems to me like that would be “original” base type image. Did you already try that?