Edit start posts of BIOS on [OFFER] ie. Inability to edit start post on a thread

Recent microcode updates to some bios offers eg 1150 CPU to version 27 microcode, network Intel/Realtek EFIs etc. are possible.

eg I recently upgraded my Z87-Deluxe from v25 to v27 microcode
ie cpu306C3_plat32_ver00000027_2019-02-26_PRD_4F5914B9 (>cpu306C3_plat32_ver00000025_2018-04-02_PRD_5F430452)
However, I can’t upload amended bios to start post.

I’m not sure if plutomaniac made this change on start posts in general or only specifically the OFFERed bios page. What exactly is the new protocol?

Is there a way to amend/upload bios of the start post of an amended OFFERed bios; or should one start a completely new page which may be a waste of space/resources?


Sorry @hancor - I meant for you to post in this thread, I thought you seen it before (Will merge tomorrow)
[SUGGESTION] New rule about question-askers wiping their own posts after getting help?

Of course the suggestion ignores the fact that when one is posting an OFFER of a bios; one is not posing a question or an inquiry.
Rather one is posing a SOLUTION to a PROBLEM! WOOT! Cheers

I’m sure we’ll get it sorted, hand tight