EFI LAN BIOS + Intel GopDriver modules

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Asrock has just released a bunch of BIOS updates for CoffeeLake motherboards - all come with GOP driver v. 9.0.1098 and GOP VBT 228.

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Intel GopDriver v9.0.1102 (SKL/KBL/AML/CFL/CML)

VBT 228

Intel_gop_1102.zip (37.8 KB)

Intel IceLake GopDriver v14.0.1033

IntelGopDriver_14.0.1033.zip (63.3 KB)

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Realtek LAN UEFI 2.053 new by Realtek Website

RtkUndiDxe.2.053.2020.03.12_sign.zip (126 KB)

Win7 not support GOP.

What is the source for this statement? The "GOPDriver" is a BIOS module and will be loaded before the OS is started.

C. For Sandy/Ivy Bridge iGPUs (Intel 6- and 7-Series Chipsets)

The link is wrong and the files provided are the same. Both are IntelSnbGopDriver

Google search to find the old version

Version: IvyBridge v3.0.1027

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Download link is now repaired. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you all for your information.
Yesterday tried p8z68 gen3, it can not be started with pure uefi. The initial startup is still csmcore. Can only give up. Finding information shows that it needs z77 or more to start with pure uefi.
From google translation

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Intel GOP Driver 9.0.1107


Intel GOP 9.0.1107.zip (38 KB)

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Although old mainboards do not offer the option to completely disable the Compatibility Support Module (CSM), it is a good idea to have the latest compatible EFI modules within the BIOS and to choose the BIOS setting, which allows/prefers to use them.


Intel UEFI x64 Gigabit Driver 0.0.29

Intel Lan Gigabit UNDI 0.0.29.zip (120 KB)

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#34 Intel UEFI x64 Gigabit Driver 0.0.29


Since UBU does not use .ffs in Intel LAN folder for updating AMI Aptio V bios
What do I use instead, MMTool or UEFITool ?
Which versions am I supposed to use ?

Can you covert .ffs to .efi file for all of us to use with UBU ?



@biozzz :
The UBU tool can only use uncompressed "pure" EFI BIOS modules as source files, because only the "body" of the PE32 image section of a certain DXE driver version is identical within all AMI Aptio UEFI BIOSes (the GUID header and the User interface sections are different).
Contrary to the AMI Aptio MMTool versions the UEFITool (currently latest version: 0.28.0) is able to extract the "body" of the PE image section of each listed DXE Driver and to save it as *.efi file.

I would be able to do it, but I don’t have the required time.

Can be already found in UBU discussion thread, but i think this should be added here as well:
Intel UEFI x64 2.5 Gigabit Driver v0.8.05
For new i-225 and some older LAN controllers.

2.5Gigabit_0.8.05.zip (134 KB)

Not the latest, but, maybe, for collection
Intel GOP Driver 9.0.1105
1102 < 1105 < 1107

IntelGopDriver_9.0.1105.zip (38.8 KB)

A couple of newer EFI GOP drivers for Atom’s:

Intel ValleyView GOP Driver 7.2.1013

Intel CherryView GOP Driver 8.0.1041

IntelGopDriver_ValleyView_7.2.1013.zip (37.5 KB)

IntelGopDriver_CherryView_8.0.1041.zip (38.8 KB)

New IceLake GOP Driver:
Intel GOP Driver 14.0.1035
Comes with new enlarged GOP VBT 229
(and without IceLake VBIOS).

IntelGopDriver_14.0.1035.zip (64 KB)

vbt_IceLake_229.zip (1.35 KB)