Email notification on PM?

I noticed since a while back i don’t Always get a notification when i get a PM,
can’t seem to find any setting for it, is there one?

The default Forum software setting is, that the Forum member will get an eMail notification, when he has gotten a PM.
I don’t even think, that this automatic information can be disabled.

Ok, but lately i only get an email when someone @ me in a thread, not when sent directly to me, i have to login to see any new PM’s.

I have checked my email filters, but no problem there.
It is not the end of the World, i’ll just have to login more often :slight_smile:

EDIT: Hmm, just now i got an email about a PM, but many times i do not.

Is it possible, that your eMail provider or malware protection software sorts them out as SPAM?

It is of course possible that it could be mistaken for spam,
to see if it makes any difference i have created one more filter, to never consider the forum notification address as spam.
Hopefully that will help, strange though about the sporadic notifications.

You are right, that is very strange.

@ all:
Please post here, if you had already or will get the same problem as Pacman (no eMail notification at PM arrival).
If this should be a general issue of the Forum software, I will contact the provider of it.