Enable AHCI when the BIOS does not have the option (but the chipset suport AHCI) without mod BIOS.


I have not seen a post that talked about this … (but it is possible that I have not seen)

Because my Mac Pro 2008 has no BIOS (BIOS is emulated and AHCI is disabled) it’s not possible to mod BIOS !

But i’t’s possible to modify MBR for activate AHCI with OSX/Linux scrip found here

Or it’s possible to load GRUB and change device ID before Windows Boot :
My ESB2 SATA in ide mode has Device ID 2680
In AHCI mode : 2681
In Raid Mode : 2682

In GRUB you can change ID 2680 by 2681 (by this command) :
setpci -d 8086:2680 90.b=40
lspci command (should now show 2681 instead of 2680) !

Same for Raid :
setpci -d 8086:2680 90.b=80
lspci command (should now show 2682 instead of 2680) !
In my case, I did not Raid ROM and Raid mode does not work.

Apparently the command remains the same for Intel ICH6/ICH7/ICH8 controllers (just change the device ID). This should also work on PCs (But I have not tested).
For intel 3400 chipset: setpci -d 8086:3b28 90.b=60

For Nvidia : that is not documented and for AMD I do not know …
Except MCP79 : setpci -d 10de:0ab5 9c.b=06

MCP79 BIOS only SATA (AHCI is disabled)


no driver for winxp ?

@ryanly :
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VEN_10DE&DEV_0AB5 are the HardwareIDs of a NVIDIA nForce ION (MCP79) SATA Controller, which is running in IDE mode. All Windows Operating Systems do support it natively. The related driver is named PCIIDE.SYS and made by Microsoft. An nForce SATA driver for this device doesn’t exist.
Are you searching for a driver for your current nForce SATA IDE Controller or do you want to set the Controller to AHCI mode (which would change the DeviceID to DEV_0AB8 or DEV_0AB9)?

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