Enable Intel AMT on a remote system

If anyone is able to help, huge props.

We have a remote system that is not physically accessible that has Intel AMT completely unconfirmed

Given we can’t boot into the bios and we don’t have physical access, is there ANY way to enable Intel AMT remotely.

We do have full admin access to windows if that helps

AFAIK, no. I doubt it because that sounds like a huge security issue. For such questions, you should ask Intel at their forums or support.

AFAIK yes and no:
There’s a windows utility that allows local configuration Link: Intel® Setup and Configuration Software (Intel® SCS). The smaller package contains the utility (ACU-Wizard), the larger in addition the whole service package. If AMT is not configured and you do know the password it should be possible to configure it via remote access to Windows. Anyway- you can’t configure Admin contol mode, but only User control mode- means you would need a user approve locally anytime you’d like to connect. (And no, for me it wasn’t possible to give consent remotely via VNC or Remote desktop)
‘Full’ remote configuration should be possible using Remote Configuration Services, but there are quite a lot of ‘prerequisites’ the remote AMT station has to meet. (See Intel(R)_SCS_User_Guide.pdf in the zip- file)