Enabling ME in chinnese Huananzhi X79-8D

Hello friends,

I am trying to enable the management engine in this Chinese motherboard but without success.
This what I tried until now.

1 - Dumped the SPI and ME as backup.
2 - Followed the clean guide and updated the ME version from to
3 - Flashed the new ME region created with success.
4 - Changed the “Intel ME Subsystem Configuration” to “Yes” in the bios.

When the system boots up the message “Press <CTRL + P> to enter MEBX setup menu” appears and when I hit that the message “Entering MEBX setup menu” appears but the MEBX console not shows and the PC starts the boot process as normal.
This video shows the behavior: video.

Some observation until now:
1 - The guy in this

says the MOBO chipset is c602. But when I load the ME region in the Flash Image Tool it shows as an “Intel (R) C600 Series Chipset” and “Intel (R) Patsburg X79”.
2 - When I opened the spi.bin with AMIBCP v4.55 all options are with the column “Show” as “Yes”. There are no hidden options in the BIOS.

Bellow is the backup files before the clean:
- spi.bin
- me.bin
- desc.bin

This file is the cleaned ME region: me_fix.bin.
This is the config file generated by “Flash Image Tool”: config_me_fix.xml.

I saw in some threads here that the problem could be BIOS related in these Chinese MOBO. If so, there is a way to circumvent the problem?

Let me know if more info is necessary.
Thank you very much.

I have the same issue. I have Huananzhi x79-4d and with any version of me region, but intel me doesn’t work

I would like to control turning on/off the PC by ME or wakeolan, but nothing works.