Enabling Samsung rapid mode under win 10 with clover and 960 evo nvme

Hey there friends
So I got the 960 250 evo running on a pcie 3 4x , on a asus Z87-A motherboard m and I used the clover method to boot the nvme driver , but apparently rapid mode is not supported , is there any DIY way to solve this ?
second question is that what do you think about my ssd bench results ? can i tweak the setup to get better performance ?
huge thanks [[File:Screenshot (12).png|none|auto]]

Screenshot (12).png

@w000t :
Welcome at Win-RAID Forum and congratulations, that you succeeded to get the Samsung 960 EVO SSD bootable with your Z87 chipset system.

Why do you want to use the “RAPID mode” option of Samsung’s Magician?
After having enabled this useless “feature” you will measure the speed of your memory sticks, but not the speed of your SSD!

Please have a look into the start post of >this< thread. Nearly all my tips are valid for NVMe SSDs as well.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

Dear Fernando ,
Thanks for the clarification ! I always knew something was dodgy about Rapid mode , but since it helped the boot times on my ssd , i thought maybe it did something in the background .
so what do you think about the nvme performace ? and beside clover what other technique do you recommend for booting up from NVME ?
big thanks