Enabling SPD write on z390 aorus master bios

Hi there! I’m interested in enabling spd write in my bios but I have no idea what address it could be at to edit it with a hex editor. Can someone tell me where to edit it? @Lost_N_BIOS maybe? :wink:

Or maybe I could give you the stock bios file of the bios I want to flash?

@Binkodyl - Yes, I can enable if for you (ie Set >> SPD Write Disable to False) What BIOS version do you need edited?

I’ve heard of a modded f11c that has f8 or f10’s
CPU microcode, for better performance. Is this something you could do? If not, then f11c would be fine.


What is your CPU model? I can put whatever microcode you want in there, but if it’s a CPU that does not have Pre-spectre/meltdown microcodes then that is pointless and security risk for no reason (you should use latest, if you do not have a CPU that can benefit from older microcode)

I9-9900K @Lost_N_BIOS

There are no pre-spectre microcodes for your CPU >> 906EC
So I actually suggest you have me update 906EC to the latest microcode possible, but it’s your BIOS, so up to you. If you want some older version in there you’ll have to tell me what version, but keep in mind that is a security risk and will not offer any better performance.

Just do f11c then please @Lost_N_BIOS.

OK, leave microcode 906EC as-is, or update it to latest?

Also, are you sure you don’t want F11e edited instead of F11c?

Leave it as is.

See my edit above, you reply too fast

if f11e comes with any benefits then yes. If not then just f11c

I don’t know what is changed, fixed etc with F11e, I only know it’s the latest BIOS for this model as of February, at least last I looked.
Actually, now I see F11j is latest, here - https://www.tweaktownforum.com/forum/tec…atest-beta-bios

Let’s just go with f11c. Those beta versions scare me a lil

Yeah, OK. I see some random issues with some users on F11j anyway
I don’t have time to do this tonight, but I’ll get it done for you first thing later today. Unless I can get it done in next 15-20 minutes

@Binkodyl - Here you go, flash via Qflash and then clear CMOS. Then boot to BIOS BIOS, load optimized defaults, save and apply, reboot back to BIOS and then make any changes you need to boot to windows

hello nice to meet you @Lost_N_BIOS and all. I would like to enable the writing of the spd write on gigabyte z390 aorus master i am with fw f11 i have a cpu i7 9700k. I am not so practical and I know that you are very skilled in this, if possible, could you prepare a fw of it to flash? thanks for your time.

another question if possible @Lost_N_BIOS I have my second pc with a gigabyte z690 aero g ddr4 that mounts fw F8 and cpu 12700k also would you be able to prepare the fw with the unlocking of spd writing? always if you can.

Lost is not an active forum member anymore.

EDIT: Look for similar requests/mods on the forum and/or helped by Lost, plenty of info on it.

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ah ok anyone can help me? @MeatWar sorry but i new