Eprom not recognise with CH341A

Hello everybody,

I’ve got an issue with a mini pc Beelink Gemini M

After flashing the bios, my pc is bricked.

I bought the CH341A programmer and connected to the eprom with the clamp and tried different software (Neo programmer, Asp rogrammer, CH341 Programmer) but the eprom is not recognized.

Here are the information written on the chip :

SN 1923
the is a logo : M (for microchip i think) and HT5

i dont see this chip reference in the software list.

Thank you for the help

Microchip PIC12F508 http://www.datasheet.hk/view_online.php?id=1411175&file=0177\pic12f5081_4274058.pdf

Dont have a clue on a software support for this.

ok , perhaps a support in a futur software update.