Erased bios on gigabyte g5

I erased bios. If I try to write clean bios from the off-site, laptop doesn’t wake up. I need doing something with me region, right? Where I can see what I must do? If anybody know something about it, tell me please:)

Is there a clean BIOS on the off-site?

Is there a clean BIOS on the off-site?–RTX-…support-dl-bios
There is a file on the official website. If you run the file on another computer, the program will give an error. You shouldn’t close the error window. Go to C: \Users\userName\AppData\Local\Temp and look for a temporary folder with a bin file (isFlash.bin in my case), this is our clean BIOS, with clean regions, if I understand correctly.

You can open the exe “open inside #” in 7-zip, there’s a file 4.dll, that’s wrongly named bios region with some padding before and after… Cut part of first padding, bios region starts 180330, and cut last padding



But you’re still missing at least a flash descriptor and a ME region, possibly a GbE- you need a complete firmware dump of another identical machine!

Absolutely right. So, this file is just a BIOS update.

Absolutely right. So, this file is just a BIOS update.

I have already done a dump using BDMaster’s Dump.bat program on a similar laptop and tried to install it on my laptop, but it did not start. As far as I understand, the problem is in the ME Region, but I don’t know how to find out the ME Region of my laptop.

I tried install the bios of similar laptop but it doesn’t work:(

What similar laptop?

Post a link this dump or attach it here!