error when trying to change bios manufacturer

Good afternoon, I have an error that I can’t overcome for anything, I’ve already seen the bios, I’ve rewritten the bios, I’ve already updated the bios, I’ve done everything that was possible and I’m still going to put a picture of what I have to change (manufacturer) name for the computer’s original, but this error appears and I can’t agree, if anyone can help me I would be grateful

in this application I can change everything except this option, so I think it’s not an application error but a bios block

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Your request doesn’t make any sense. Did you really expect help here for such stupid Copyright violation?
Dieter (alias Fernando)

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I just want to return my bios to its original form

where do you get DMIEDIT btw?

I think that his BIOS was broken from when it was delivered and he is trying to fix it.

@Hugo_Daniel2424 Don’t use third party tools, ask the manufacturer for advice.

the manufacturer said send it in for warranty, but they won’t do anything because I violated the terms, there’s no way to change the manufacturer’s name from (Super-Spoofer) to (Micro-Star).

anyway, i just need to change it

We dont take care of HWID game bans, go to where you came from and done it before.
As Fernando already told you.

or maybe, flash the latest bios of your device.

I’ve already tried

I just want to reset my bios to the original, that won’t remove my ban like