EVGA X570 - protection removal

Hello, im having a really hard time with this board which i really regret buying. First of all i want to say HEY EVGA YOUR BIOS Fxxxxxx SUCKS, the fact i must exit tap ESC for each time i want to exit menu is ridding me nuts, but thats just "matter of preference " i guess, the reason why this board sucks so hard is i cant undervolt my 5800x3d because my vcore is literally greyed out , they told me that they made exclusively just for that v-3d cache chip which is obviously not overclockable which is fine i dont want to overclock but neither i want my board to pushing really high voltages with “auto” settings that i simply cant change, well guess what i had asus x570 crosshair viii and i could manualy lower my vcore so my chip is chilling at 40c in idle instead of 60, thank you very much evga, thank you.
The next thing why this board sucks is simply LACK OF BASIC SETTINGS that are present on any asus / gigabyte/ msi / asrock motherboard, stuff like no abillity to change bclk , hpet, pci latency timers, no snoop, even fucking spread spectrum is simply not found in bios and also there is no sign from them even in amisce bios settings dump. The there is no pci subsystems menu, if you open chipset settings there is nothing but it’s version, its fucking blank bios that is obnoxious to navigate in. Ok at this point rant is over and i want to get to the point / request, i tried to open their bios file with amibcp to take a look but every version from 3x to 5xx is giving me error “The input image has invalid package version. Setup tab and BIOS strings tab will not be shown”. Out of curiosity i tried to open z690 kingpin bios , which gave me same error message and i went down for z390 dark and it launched without problem. So my request is to modify the bios , i dont know if its some kind of protection or some stupid encryption , but its classic *bin file type , i really want to check that bios in amibcp. Also i want to ask how is it possible to be some settings present on motherboard but not visible in amisce dump, because it seems to be bullshit to me that there is no latency timer / no hpet (even if its visible in device manager), no spread spectrum ( 97 mhz in cpu-z) and many many additional settings that i had on asus crosshair viii. I’ve tried to save bios with afudos so hopefully i can edit that but every version is telling me its denied because of write protection (no option to disable it bios, no jumper on motherboard) . I dumped the bios with bios backup tool kit v2 but i cant open it neither. Can some lovely soul help me removing that protection and give me an answer on how is possible to be some settings missing in amisce dump and still present onboard? bios link → https://cdn.evga.com/BIOS/X570/1A579109.zip
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First of all… its AMD and AGESA/PSP is not easy at all…
You may try this tool: [TOOL] UEFI Editor - BIOS/UEFI Modding / BIOS Modding Guides and Problems - Win-Raid Forum (level1techs.com)
Anything related post on that thread.
Good luck

EDIT: Not sure, deep code and not readable on current avaiable/“Leaked” tools maybe…
Im no coder/bios engineer…sry.

Gonna look at that, thank You. Any ideas how certain settings are present on motherboard but not in actual bios/ amisce dump?, how they did it.