Excuse me, what time you can download the uefi BIOS update?

Excuse me, what time you can download the uefi BIOS update?
i want to download UBU 1.66

Nobody knows the exact date, but I hope, that the UBU tool download links will be available very soon.

If you should have any previous version, you can use it. There is no big difference between the v1.65.x series and the v1.66.

wheres can be download 1.66?can you get https?

Currently we don’t offer a link, but what about a Google search?

Google search I used but can’t find 1.66
Because version 1.66 has the chipset updates I need

What do you mean with "chipset updates"?
The only modules, which were updated compared to the previous version, are the Intel RAID ROM and EFI modules of the v15.2 series.
I cannot imagine any reason why you should need these updated modules urgently.

I use this software is not particularly useful to help me update my BIOS? My motherboard is ASUS X99 deluxe U3.1 can help me to mod it? I upload the firmware to the forum?


Thank you guys

is there a reason why the links are removed.I Updated my bios with it and it seems to work find.


I have supplied a HTTP link for UBU v1.66 below;

(If either Fernando or SoniX does not wish for this link to remain active then I will take it down)

EDIT by Fernando: The link has been removed on demand of American Megatrends Inc. (AMI)

Yes, but the temporary removal of the links has nothing to do with the functionality and quality of the UBU tool itself.
SoniX and CodeRush are working on a solution, which hopefully will allow us to offer links to the UBU packages very soon.

are you have UBU 1.66 URL?can you take me the URL?


What do you not understand? As has been said before, at the moment there can not be any links to the UBU package.

ok i know!


Take your modded bios here :


very thx guys you is my brother!yeah

So, AMI is the reason for UBU removal? Well, that’s good to know, i tought there was something wrong with v1.66.

No, the usage of the UBU tool (incl. v1.66) was and is absolutely safe.

Whats the md5 # please of UBU 1.66? Thanks!