Exist a AMD Clear Me tool for BIOS?

Hi to all! i was wondering if exist a Clear me Tool for AMD architecture?
I have a HP DV4-4171LA came with Bios corruption, i am trying to fix it.
I apreciate any orientation.

AMD Does not use Intel Management Engine Corrupted BIOS has nothing to do with ME FW on Intel system either.

You need flash programmer, dump your original BIOS, and then upload for someone to check before you do anything else. This way you can save your serial, UUID, and LAN MAC ID.

I hope this is VERY old HP, or very cheap HP. Otherwise you cannot flash any modified or fixed BIOS to the board, SureStart will auto-recover from it’s backup… And actually, that may be best way to fix it, so maybe good thing if your HP has this!

Many HP have recovery methods, look for this in google with your model and others similar to it.

Thanks for the answer!