Experience : How i unlocked mod (advanced menu) + region mod on my helios 300 2019 ( PH315-52)

Greetings everyone i am sharing the brief guide and my experience how i got my bios advanced unlocked ,

first of all thanks to @BDMaster who did everything for me all the credit goes to him he guided me through the whole process and was with me anytime i was stuck and needed the help :

1. you need to create the backup of the bios first
to make the dump you need one more pc (used to run AS Programmer), a CH341a programmer ,soic8 clip (easily available got mine for around $11) install the ASprogrammer https://github.com/nofeletru/UsbAsp-flash/releases
>you need to get to the bios chip located on the back side of the motherboard connect the soic8 clip to bios and make the connection (dont worry if ic is not detected in ASprogrammer)
keep trying it will be detected if clip is properly attached to the bios
click detect ic in ASprogrammer and select the chip example W25Q128FV > Then Read IC after reading save it with .bin extension it should be 16MB file
this is also the backup of your bios if you brick your system you can always flash this back and everything goes back to normal
>also you can check your dump with this tool called UEFItool https://www.mediafire.com/file/styr3dvcg…sh2236.rar/file

2. once you made dump post a thread with your bios dump file attached to it you will get the your bios mod then you have to flash it with the programmer using ASprogrammer

3 How to flash
>select your chip and click on erase this will erase the previous bios now you need to flash the new one that you get from the fourm by opening the file and clicking on program/write ic

may i ask why you need to clip something on to your motherboard i thought you just need programs to get a modded bios

Who knows… There are several ways to install the modified BIOS, but he just chose this one.

ok i see im just trying to achive the same thing with the same model and i thought id have to get that ordered then