Extract Binary From HP BIOS .EXE file

Hello, I want to extract the .bin file from this .exe
I need the binary so I can use a programmer to flash the chip. Thank you.


087D6.zip (8.7 MB)

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Thank you!

@Michael_Code @Remus322

Careful with this, as usually modern HP bios files are not suitable for direct programming with CH341A.

I see that no HP model was specified, what platform AMD or Intel, if Intel it has probably an ME FW image that can be also into the same SPI or secondary chip… this are the things to watch for…

Im gonna try and be careful, thanks for the heads up.

@MeatWar, tnx for warning! I know about crazy HP :laughing:
But this AMD platform and Remus322 has CH341 programmer.

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